Friday, September 19, 2008

Intelligent Mail Barcode

Back in our day, we didn't have your efficient ZIP Code system and automation, and complete addressing. We used our ink feather pens and wrote the addressee's name and town. Usually, that was enough. No wonder it took weeks to get my wife's letters from Philadelphia to Washington!

Now you have those fancy barcodes. It's amazing that a letter can travel so far so quickly. Now machines can read a barcode and figure out where it was sent from and where it's going and when it was sent -- and probably more things like the best time of day to throw a pole out and catch a fish.

What do you think about the intelligent barcode?


Anonymous said...

I think Intelligent Mail seems to be a great idea, we will see if it works as planned. To me the employee, all this is doing is allowing the USPS to abolish more jobs. All the USPS thinks about is how to abolish more and more jobs. Who will work the mail once upper management is finish abolishing every job available?

Anonymous said...

It is necessary to keep up to date in the market to survive and this intellegent mail is one of them. I like this and appreciate the efforts of U.S. Postal Service