Monday, February 14, 2011

Images of the storm

Here is a photo sent in from a reader.

Do you have photos from your own bout with the winter weather?

Send them here.

Just more proof that we deliver!


Anonymous said...

Our carriers were out attempting delivery and clerks, postmasters, supervisors, maintenance, and other employees made it to work on the worst day here - snow, winds, ice & freezing rain. Then the following day (which was still hazardous, though a little better) Fed Ex and UPS brought in the parcel select and said they didn't work the previous day because the weather was too bad. Shows our customers who really delivers!

Anonymous said...

In South Dakota, this is called Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

In NW Minnesota it is called Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May

Anonymous said...

How do you folks LIVE THERE????
Nothing like basking in 73 degrees of San Diego Sunshine!!!! Had to break out the small fan!