Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Please clear your mailbox

We pride ourselves on delivering to every address, every day. Occasionally snow or flood waters or fallen trees keep us from our appointed rounds.

But in Chino Valley, AZ, theres’s a different kind of mailbox obstruction – tumbleweeds.

A wind storm rolled up tumbleweeds like huge earth balls and deposited them along fence lines, often blocking mailbox access.
“When I had to the make the mail condition report for nondelivery, I didn’t quite know what to say,” said Customer Services Supervisor Marie Johnson. “So, I just put ‘other.’”

Roads were closed and the county even brought in loaders and dump trucks to haul away the debris.
Chino Valley Postmaster David Hyslip stands in front of a mailbox ... somewhere.
Care to comment? Have you ever seen anything like this?

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Anonymous said...

That is what many small towns will look like when the Postal Service closes their Post Office.