Monday, June 4, 2012

A Hope for Reliable Service

Registered Mail has always been a safe and reliable means to transport valuable goods between destinations. Just how valuable those items really are may vary greatly, but for one particular jeweler in 1958 the estimated value of his precious cargo was $1 million.

In November 1949, Henry Winston purchased the famous Hope diamond from the estate of Evalyn McLean. Several years later in 1958, Winston donated the diamond to the Smithsonian Institution to add to their jewelry collection. Getting the diamond from his location in New York to the Smithsonian in Washington might haven proven to be a challenge given the highly valuable nature of the cargo, but Winston had a specific method in mind that was perfect for the challenge. His preferred means for shipping the precious item was Registered Mail by the Post Office.

Once in their capable hands, the diamond was sent via train to Washington and by postal vehicle to the National Museum of Natural History where it was placed into their anxiously awaiting hands. The cost of shipping this expensive item was a very reasonable $145.29 including insurance.

Learn more about the Hope diamond at the National Postal Museum.

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Mr. Winston did not have VPO's in his day as it may not have made it.