Friday, August 13, 2010

One bright spot

The third quarter report showed one bit of good news: Standard Mail volume increased 4.2 percent compared to last year. This was the second consecutive quarter of increase.

Total mail volume, however, continued the trend of declines. So far this year, volume is down 6.6 billion pieces.

What do you see in your office? On your route? What is volume doing in your town? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

In the smaller offices, we rarely track letter mail by type...such as first class or standard...but in my office my DPS volume is greater this FY then SPLY.

Anonymous said...

I have been tracking this fiscal year; not by type but by volume, as well. I'm a level 16 with 2 city; 2 rural routes and a small box section. While my dps volume / percentage is up significantly my overall mail volume and overall cased volume is down significantly.

Anonymous said...

As usual :
There's an uneven flow of mail.
Mail volume fluctuates.
Some days there's lots of packages.
Some days there's lots of DPS.
Some days there's boxholders.
Some days lots of MOO mail.
It varies.

Anonymous said...

I started in this small office in 2005. Since then our mail volume for letters and flats has dropped significantly - about 40%. Parcels haven't dropped quite as much but there are still fewer than previous years. Customers have noticed, too, as more of them have days when they don't receive any mail at all. I have noticed that standard mail has jumped a little, especially from credit cards (Personally I get one or more almost every day. I don't mind since it helps our volume - I just shred and recycle them.)