Friday, January 14, 2011

Drug ring foiled

Supervisor Billy Gans and other Overland Station employees helped foil a drug ring that was using the mail to send heroin to a Boise, ID, address.

They saw a consistent pattern of Express Mail being sent to a certain residence and contacted Postal Inspectors. They were suspicious and executed a search warrant. Inspectors found more than 28 grams of heroin.

The State of Idaho secured a guilty plea and verdict on the charges of  Conspiracy to Traffic in Heroin. One of the defendants is looking at a life sentence.

"Many of our criminal leads come from our employees' 'gut feelings'," said Boise Inspector Darin Solmon. " If something just doesn't seem right, notify your supervisor and the Inspection Service and we'll run with it."


Anonymous said...

Way to go team!

Anonymous said...

In a weird sort of was nice to see the drug dealers trusting express mail services and giving us all that additional revenue. Too bad it was illegal.


Anonymous said...

Over the years we have come across weed but that is all. I've seen it sent in letters and only once have we had an Express that contained weed. We just set aside and called the Inspectors.

Anonymous said...

I worked in an office where an AWOL marine was using express to sell. The PI's conducted an investigation, showed up and took him down. Our postal inspectors do a good job; my local contacts are courteous and have helped me numerous times with fraud schemes targeting my elderly customers.