Friday, January 6, 2012

Listen and You Will Hear

While you are working, on your break, at lunch, or at home, you can always listen to Your Postal Podcast for the latest interesting postal news.You can also read the transcript if that is easier in your location.

From any computer, just go to

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Here’s some of the stories you can still listen to from the last 43 editions in the archives:

1st Edition: Mail delivery to the Grand Canyon
12th Edition: How the West was really won
20th Edition: Mother Teresa! iPhones! OPRAH!
25th Edition: Must-hear advice from the Postal Service's 'Biggest Loser'
29th Edition: John Lennon: Artist, legend & stamp collector
31st Edition: Darkness and might: Journey to Alaska and Kuwait with this month's podcast
34th Edition: Tumblin' tumbleweeds, hashknife, and the winds of change
41st Edition: A Post Office exhibits Paranormal activity

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