Friday, January 13, 2012


Punta Gorda, FL, Postmaster Kevin J. Sullivan and City Letter Carrier Mike Churchill teach students about the Postal Service as they host a "Touch-a-Truck" event at a local elementary school. The event was to kick-off the new Family Resource Center at the school.

The importance of communication and use of the U. S. Postal Service to send mail was explained to the children.

Postmaster Sullivan's five year old son Ryan, who attends the school, bought stamped postcards for his fellow kindergarten classmates to draw or write and address to themselves. On the day of the event, the postcards were collected by City Letter Carrier Churchill. 

The next day they were excited to receive their postcards in the mail. 


Anonymous said...

another wasteful "feel good idea"

Anonymous said...

Let's see the Carrier gave his son enough money to buy enough post cards for the whole class. Then the whole class addressed the cards after writing a message or a picture, then they sent the postcards "in the mail." Then they received the postcards back through the mail. I thought it was a good learning experience for the kids, they experienced how to send something through the mail, and probably some safety about the dangers of hanging around the Postal vehicle. Where is the waste?