Friday, January 20, 2012

Postal Forensics

Forensic lab cert.
Firearms and Toolmark Examiner Shirley Marc with a comparison 
microscope to examine firing pin impressions on a cartridge case.

Benny here, one thing I never did think of when I was Postmaster General was the need for a Postal Forensics unit. But modern times call for the latest technology in keeping the mail safe.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s National Forensic Laboratory has earned accreditation from the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors — affirming its role as a premier forensic laboratory meeting stringent quality assurance criteria.

Located in Dulles, VA, the state-of-the-art National Forensic Laboratory is instrumental in combating postal-related crime. Its 40 forensic scientists conduct hands-on analyses of physical evidence, ranging from counterfeit stamps and postal money orders to explosives.

In 2010, forensic examiners reviewed more than 45,000 documents, fingerprints, controlled substances, audio and video files, and other physical evidence related to ongoing criminal cases. These examinations identified 479 individuals, including 90 suspects whose fingerprints matched those in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System — the national system used by police departments and federal agencies.

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