Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More weird mail

Janet, who is a Nebraska Postmaster, worked at a processing plant and was amazed at the fully decorated cakes that came through the mail. "Most were just in a box with plastic wrap over the top. They were treated gently and always looked great when they left the plant," she said.

An clerk told us about a giant cabbage that come from Alaska to a resident of the local nursing home. Her son had sent it to her.

"He had put a haxagonal piece of plywood on top and bottom held together by a few wooden slats, so the cabbage was still clearly visible! Next to the address label on one of the end pieces of plywood he'd added a note: Coleslaw for everyone! "

And another person wrote about a coconut she sorted, "right off the tree from Hawaii. The sender had just used a black marker to write the address and the stamps were stuck right to it."

A Boulder, CO, clerk writes, "We have two brothers, one who lived in Boulder & one out of state. Year after year they send the same fruitcake to and from each other. Parcel workers were always on the lookout for the fruitcake brick!"

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