Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your Postal Podcast, #8

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Anonymous said...

I believe going from a 6-day to 5-day delivery would save money and is a logical move; if this is the decision, Saturdays makes the most sense, especially since this is the more common day for businesses to be closed. However, if a day during the week is chosen, I would suggest Thursdays - NOT Tuesdays, since Thursdays are typically a lighter day, and the fact that when we have a holiday, we would have Fridays to recover. If Tuesdays are the day that is chosen to be "cut", think about how much volume we would have to deliver on Wednesday when we have a Monday holiday, which is when the majority of our holidays occur, FOUR days worth of mail AND ADVOs. How much OT is the Post Office going to be paying for that day? Just a thought. Letter Carrier, Castle Rock, CO.