Friday, February 6, 2009

America's most popular postal employee?

We all like being missed when we aren't at work, but Telluride, CO, Retail Associate takes the prize. He might even be America's most popular postal employee.

During a recent hospital stay after he crashed his bike after being struck by a flock of birds on a mountain pass, Looney received more than 500 cards from the customers from this Southwest Colorado town of 5,000.

Broken bones and other serious injuries kept Looney off the window for months. The forward thinking clerk had never take a sick leave duing his 10-year career, so he never missed a paycheck.

"I appreciate having a good job working for the Postal Service, with great pay and benefits, said Looney. "The Postal Service, my customers and co-workers depend on me to be here."

"We work for a great organization," says Looney, who used to be a dairy farmer in Iowa. "I look forward to each day. I’m very proud to work for the United States Postal Service."


Anonymous said...

Our company should use this clerk as a poster child for BANKING sick leave! My hats off to you Mr. Looney, good job.

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear of an employee enjoying his job, and being appreciated for it. Thank you, Mr. Looney, for representing the Postal Service!