Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Postmaster General sets retirement date

Benny here.

Well, the news is that my successor (actually, there's been 69 others in between), Postmaster General Jack Potter has chosen to retire, effective Dec. 3.

He started in 1978 as a clerk in New York City and rose through the ranks. He was one of us. In fact, he's a second-generation postal employee.

I've got to give him a salute. His ten years at the helm have been tough, to say the least. He dealt with 9/11-related security concerns, the anthrax threat, declining volumes, revenue declines, Congressional concerns, and public opinion swings.

Plus, he's had to the point man for employee groups, mailers and the media.

Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Operating Office Patrick Donahoe will replace him.

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Joan said...

good bye Mr. Potter, have a wonderful retirement.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful retirement, Mr. Potter. Thanks for your leadership.
Wanda Frasier, PM
Burr Oak KS 66936

grannybunny said...

I hate to see Potter go, as he has been the best Postmaster in my -- long -- lifetime. However, he has earned the right to retire, after 32 years of service to USPS, and I wish him well. My sadness at seeing Potter leave is tempered considerably by the appointment of Pat Donahoe as the new PMG. Donahoe also came up through the crafts and is someone to whom we all can relate. His superlative experience in operations should serve him -- and the entire Nation -- well, and I look forward to working under him. Good luck to both!

Anonymous said...

You've got to admit, Mr. Potter has dealt with a lot during his stint as PMG...from the very good, to the very bad. He's earned his retirement. I wish him well! :)

Anonymous said...

Must be gettin out while the gettin out is good. Are you going to work for UPS now?

Anonymous said...

I've always felt good about our future knowing that you were there taking care of our best interests. Have a great retirement. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your retirement from the movies Harry... ;)