Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 25 Most Popular Commemorative Stamps

Ever wonder what are the most stamps purchased, but never used? Stamp Services tells us the top stamp is Elvis, with 124 million stamps still stashed away. Here's the entire list by subject, year and number of stamps saved:
1.  Elvis, 1993, 124.1 million
2. Wonders of America, 2006, 87.5 million
3. Marvel Super Heroes, 2007, 85.5 million
4. Star Wars, 2007, 80.8 million
5. Wildflowers, 1992, 76.1 million
6. Rock and Roll, 1993, 75.9 million
7. DC Comic Super Heroes, 2006, 73.0 million
8. Greetings From America, 2002, 71.4 million
9. Insects and Spiders, 1999, 61.0 million
10. Art of Disney: Romance, 2006, 57.2 million
11. Legends of Baseball, 2000, 53.9 million
12. Art of Disney: Magic, 2007, 23.8 million
13. Pacific Coast Lighthouses, 2007, 53.6 million
14. Art of Disney: Celebration, 2005, 52.8 million
15. The Simpsons, 2009, 50.1 million
16. Baseball Playing Fields, 2001, 49.0 million
17. Art of Disney: Friendship, 2004, 47.7 million
18. Civil War, 1995, 46.6 million
19. Legends of the West, 1994, 46.4 million
20. Marilyn Monroe, 1995, 46.4 million
21. Art of Disney: Imagination, 2008, 46.2 million
22. Advances in Aviation, 2005, 45.8 million
23. Bugs Bunny, 1997, 44.1 million
24. Frank Sinatra, 2008, 42.7 million
25). Lunar New Year, 2005, 42.7 million

What's your favorite? Have you kept any of these? Comment here.


PostMuse said...

The Wonders of America was one of my favorites, but I loved the Celebrate the Century series that came out at the end of the 20th century. And, I wish I could get my hands on a few sheets of Andy Warhol stamps.

I don't save stamps, though. I use them, sometimes on letters/postcards to myself so that I can have the canceled stamp in my mail journal.

Anonymous said...

I have bought and saved the Elvis Stamps, Mother Theresa Stamps and the Comic Strip Stamps. I would love to see an Audrey Hepburn Stamp come out!!!

EliMoon said...

I only recently got into stamp collecting, and I didn't think anything of if until I became a postal employee. So far I have purchased and not used, one Christmas stamp, the superheros booklet, the holiday evergreens and one of each of the different priced stamps we have here at this post office. I've started putting them in with all my scrap book stuff and writing the year I got them beside it.
Simply amazing on how much of something we can sell. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The lighthouses were my favorite beyond compare! Didn't save any though.

Anonymous said...

I have the complete set of "Elvis" stamps BUT my favorite is #23 on the list: BUGS BUNNY. My next favorites are #7..DC Super Heroes & #15 The Simpsons
I have and am saving all of the above.

Anonymous said...

where are all the flag stamps...or even the forever stamps ???

grannybunny said...

I still have a sheet of Marilyn Monroe that I'm hoarding. Audrey Hepburn has already appeared on a stamp.

Candice PMR said...

My husband loves Elvis so I bought a sheet at a consignment store and have them framed. I also have a few other sheets of different stamps.