Monday, July 25, 2011

Owney Tails - One Smart Dog

One of the best dog stories ever told is a true one. Owney the Dog served as an unofficial U.S. Mail mascot in the late 1800’s. After more than 100 years, his legendary travels are being featured on a U.S. Postage Stamp, issued on July 27.

Photo Courtesy National Postal Museum

One smart dog
by Dirk Wales

Owney may have been one of the most intuitive of dogs.

One day, in Albany, one of the Railway Post Office men who loved Owney’s company was making a run on the train to Boston and wanted Owney to come along. They left Albany and crossed the Hudson River to Troy where there was an unexpected load of mail, so much so, that the RPO man had to put Owney off the train. “Sorry, Owney,” said, “but the mail has to go through.”

Owney sniffed around the station in Troy until another train came along. It was going to Springfield Massachusetts, so, Owney hopped on. At Springfield, he got off and checked out the station there and found a train that was leaving soon. He hopped on that one and within hours found himself in Boston.

He looked around Boston station until he saw a track with an incoming train. He found the RPO car and sat by the door until it opened. When it did, there was his young RPO friend from Albany --- astounded that Owney was there in Boston, and had even arrived before his train.

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Anonymous said...

So are you saying that the moral of this story is that a DOG can get the postal job done FASTER than a human postal worker? GREAT! As if we don't have enough competition within ourselves!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the story of Owney. I talk about him to the 2nd grade classes that I visit each year. I have even had several children come in after the summer break and tell me that they saw Owney at the Postal Museum!
Owney is a great way to create interest in our youngsters while throwing in other tidbits about our USPS. Let's capture our future wherever we can!!

grannybunny said...

Wow, that is one smart dog!