Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Owney Tails - Riding the Rails

Train stations, train stations… How many train stations can we suppose that Owney visited, slept overnight on mail bags, and left his mark?

For me, the Place of Train Stations in the 1890’s was Chicago. At that time there were several large train stations in Chicago:

                            …the Southern Illinois Central
                            …Northwestern Station
                            …Union Station
                            …Grand Central Station
                            Dearborn Station
Well, we know that Owney traveled all over the country, east to west, north to south and beyond. This meant that he had to find himself often in Chicago with the need to move on. So, he would hop on a mail wagon to go from one station to the next station and on with his journey.

Think of how many people were baffled and bewildered faced with this challenge of getting off one train and going across the city to get on another train? But, not Owney… he knew what he was doing, whether we understand that or not!

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Grannybunny said...

I think Owney was awesome; keep the "tails" coming! :)

Anonymous said...

I am over this dog. Great stories but enough is enough. The Post Office is falling apart and you keep posting these puff pieces.

Benny Blogger said...

Ok. Ok. I'll tuck my tail between my legs and go home! I tried to make you happy. I did. I really did.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous from 08/10/2011 2:35 PM - What a crab you are! If you don't like the subject, don't read the rest. Then maybe you'll have some time to go get some manners.

Grannybunny said...

Don't tuck your tail between your legs, Benny; you don't have to pander to the lowest common denominator. There are always some people who will find fault with anything.

Owney Fan said...

Benny, we need stories like this to lift us up from the gloom and doom that is dominating our postal atmosphere. Like Grannybunny said, some people just like to complain. Maybe Anonymous should call themself "Grumpybunny!"

Anonymous said...

Question.....would a carrier be allowed to have a dog on his route today? Or in any of its transporation vechicles? We proudly brag about this dog.....but we could never have one today. We now have an egale for our mascot....but we couldn't have one of those either. :(

Anonymous said...

Dogs are uplifting. Keep the stories coming. I have sold alot of Owney stamps and I share the story. These stories help in these unsettled times.

Anonymous said...

I get what Anonymous, 8/10 is saying. The stories about Owney the dog are great, but right now I am much more worried about my job, my benefits and my future. I am a39 year old single parent and have four kids, one going off to college soon. I am extremely worried about the PO controlling my retirement, what different (or more expensive) options I am going to have for health care, which I utilize frequently with a big household, and finally the whether or not I am going to have a job in the future. While the dog stories are cute and interesting, they are not making me feel better about how I am going to keep my family afloat if I don't have a job.

Anonymous said...

One day, I had a group of very friendly puppies follow me for several blocks, until the bully on the block decided to pick on them. They became his distraction.

Anonymous said...

Benny keep doing what it is you do...i have only just found you and i am interested to hear what you and everyone has to say. I am a non-career OIC and I too am worried about my job, but that doesnt mean that i dont want to hear about things like Owney.
Until last month when his story came out, I had no idea that he even exsisted. i think its full of irony how today we worry about dogs and back then they actually worked for the Post Office. I am ROFLMAO, but i am loving it...keep up the good work