Thursday, October 2, 2008

B. Free Franklin

My Postal career started in 1737 when the British Crown Post
appointed me Postmaster of Philadelphia. In 1753 I was appointed Deputy Postmaster General to the colonies.

As part of the Second Continental Congress, I served on several committees, including one to establish an independent postal system. On July 26th, 1775, the Congress appointed me as the first Postmaster General for what would become the United States Postal Service.

I was responsible for all Post Offices -- from Massachusetts to Georgia -- and I had authority to hire as many Postmasters as I saw fit. I would mark postage-free letters with my unique personal signature: "B. Free Franklin"

I'm very proud of the United States Postal Service. It still serves the purpose we originally had in mind - to connect friends, families, neighbors and businesses all across the nation. An affordable means of communication among citizens is critical to a free nation.

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