Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Open Your Eyes

Do you notice all the wonderful things when you are out delivering the mail, or on your way to work? Such as beautiful fall days that are really stunning. Or do you just put your head down and go?

Part of observing is noticing your customers. Is there a competitor's truck often sitting at their house? Next time you see them ask if they'd like to find out if USPS can save them some money.

Part of observing is noticing your employees. Are they doing a good job? Next time you walk by stop and visit for a few minutes and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.
Notice the fall colors. It takes a few more minutes, but it can really make a change in the whole day.

What did you notice today? Drop me a note:
photo by Marcy Earley


Anonymous said...

I noticed the acrid smell of the smoke from the leaves a neighbor was burning. His yard looks great!

Anonymous said...

That's a terrific photo! Thanks, Benny.