Friday, October 3, 2008

Baby you can drive my car

No other era of automobiles defined an age quite like those of the 50’s –– Dramatic tail fins, sporty designs, big V-8 engines, and shiny chrome.

People call these cars "classics." That's the same term, among others, that they use for me -- Good Ole Classic Benny

To commemorate those classic cars, the Postal Service issued a “50’s Fins and Chrome” stamp today, highlighting five automobiles from that era. One of those featured vehicles on the stamps – a 1957 Chrysler 300C – is owned by George McKovich of Twin Falls, ID.

“I was ecstatic when I found out,” he said. “This is a great opportunity for my 300 to be shown to the world.”

McKovich is an avid stamp collector, and having his own vehicle on a stamp is “something special,” he said. “A hundred years from now kids will be putting this stamp in their books. This is a way to leave a legacy behind,” he said.

His car was chosen through a solicitation from the Chrysler 300 Club International. The stamp designer was looking for a car model that fit McKovich’s perfectly – “a red 1957 Chrysler 300C.”
McKovich has owned the car since 1999. The car then underwent an off- the- frame restoration a few years later. The car is considered a rarity. Chrysler only made 1,767 coupes that year, and just 180 were red. Of the original number, only 380 survive.

Now that the car is famous, is it for sale?

“No. It’s not leaving our hands,” he said emphatically. “There is too much blood, sweat and tears in it.”

The car also has conjures some significant memories.

“The first car I drove was my dad’s 57 Chrysler,” he said. “That’s the car I got my license in. So, this car is special.”

The stamps are part of the “America on the Move” series that has previously featured “50s Sporty Cars” last year.

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Pam Klatt said...

I love the new stamps. Sometimes the men are forgotten in stamp design because women buy and use most of the commemoratives. I have a trike (three-wheeled motorcycle) made for a 57 Chevy so I really like "fins". Pam Klatt Linn Grove IA

Anonymous said...

When are we going to see a '57 Chevy Belair? Those are the most famous fins in my book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Benny, for the great comments. I still own the car and it is very satisfying to know it's image will be preserved far into the future for others to enjoy.

Twin Falls, Idaho