Wednesday, October 8, 2008

“Time is money”

Yup. I said it in 1748 to a young businessman and I’ll say it again today.

Time IS money. That's why everyone is in such a hurry.

I was wondering about time and the Postal Service. Almost everything we do is measured these days. How many steps we take. How many letters we deliver. How many miles we drive.

As a wily inventor, I'm wondering if there is something we aren't measuring yet? And maybe I could come up with a device to do it. Got any ideas? Tell Benny. Click here.

Don't wait -- time's a'wastin!


Anonymous said...

How long we spend in the restroom and how many squares of TP we use.

Anonymous said...

Smoke breaks

Anonymous said...

how many breathes we sigh in frustration at all of the logs of the logs we now get to record