Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Duck Stamp

Adding a new twist to the term,"Duck Stamp," Chillicothe, MO, City Carrier Donna Prothero decoupaged this duck decoy using hundreds of cancelled stamps, some going back to the 60's.

It was all part of a community fund raiser, which auctioned off 29 hand painted decoys to benefit the local food shelter and rescue mission.

Dubbed, Stamper, the postal duck sold for $80.


Anonymous said...

Now that is cool!!!

Anonymous said...

This is truly a work of Postal art, Kudos to you, I want to make one, I have done plates, vases, empty can holders for pens, but where can I find a duck! The school kids would be (Way) excited to see a duck. Thanks for sharing your creative idea!
Tammy Rokusek
Postmaster Tripp SD 57376