Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A greener shade of blue

Have you checked out the latest USPS "green" website -- usps.com/green.

You'll learn about renewable paper sources used for envelopes, 100 percent recylable Priority Mail supplies,

You'll also learn how to calculate savings and help the environment by mailing and shipping from the online Post Office that is always open. "Skip the Trip." I like that idea.

And did you know that we:
  • Recycled 274,000 tons of paper, plastics and other waste in 2008?
  • Increased alternative fuel use by 61 percent since 2005?
  • Retired 10,000 non-energy efficient vehicles and replaced with fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles?
  • Have won more than 75 major environmental awards?

You can find all this information -- and much more, at usps.com/green.

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