Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gift of life

Jim Dinelli, husband of Boise Retail Associate Sandra Dinelli, was in great need of receiving a liver organ transplant this year. Becoming increasingly ill, he needed a donor to match his transplant requirements.

Hearing of his plight from co-worker Sandra Dinelli, Boise Retail Associate Laurice Soule, after she was determined to be a good match, generously donated a portion of her liver to Jim in transplant surgery earlier this year. They are now doing very well.

For her wonderful act of giving, Boise Post Office Oregon Trail Station employees, along with Jim and Sandra Dinelli, honored Laurice Soule at a special presentation recently. Boise Postmaster Dan Frasier presented Soule with a special recognition letter from Postmaster General John Potter. The Boise Post Office also presented her with a special framed art piece of the Organ and Tissue Donation Stamp.

"What Laurice did was extraordinary," said Postmaster Dan Frasier. "She represents the true spirit of giving and caring about others. We are proud to have her as a Boise postal employee."
Added Sandra Dinelli, "Jim, myself and our family will always be tremendously grateful to Laurice, who was very humble and self-less in doing this. She deserves our highest recognition and thanks."

Boise Retail Associate Laurice Soule (holding stamp framed piece) was honored by the Boise PO as well as her co-worker Sandra Dinelli (l.), transplant recipient and husband Jim Dinelli, and Postmaster Dan Frasier (far right).


Anonymous said...

This is so encouraging to read. I just lost my cousin yesterday to lung failure at 50. Unfortunately, she did not make it on a donor list.

Anonymous said...

Kuddos to you, Laurice!! What a wonderful gift to have given someone!