Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mate!

Another Benny salute goes out to the boys and girls down under, as the Australian Post celebrates its 200th birthday.

The service was launched by ex-convict Isaac Nichols, who was appointed the first postmaster of the colony in 1809.

His mission was "to bring order to the chaos, and reduce the theft of mail from ships."

The first Post Office was established on Kangaroo Island when the first colonists settled there in 1836.

Pictured is the smallest Australian Post Office, Rock Valley, where Postmaster Daniel Seed serves.

If you have any pictures or comments about foreign postal operations, send them to me here.


Anonymous said...

And I thought I worked in a small office! :)

Anonymous said...

It may bee small but he has some GORGEOUS views surrounding his Post Office!!

kxscfan said...

What a life! I want that job! He doesn't look stressed at all!