Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waste not, want not

With the decline in volume there is probably also a similar decline in the need for recycling and garbage services.

Paul Charlton at the Everett, WA, Post Office was tasked with paying bills. He started looking at what the trash and recycling companies were charging the Postal Service. He was surprised to see that we were paying more than $27,000 per year.

He started asking questions. “I wasn’t sure we needed them to come every day and pick up,” he said.

They didn’t, as the receptacles were rarely full.

So Charlton changed the frequency of the trash pickup to just a couple times a week, saving $5,500 a year.
He wasn't content with that. He then looked around for a better recycling deal. He found a recycler that uses larger bins and picks up less frequently, saving another $10,600 a year.
This is a great example of my famous saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” What do you think? Click here.
Photo of Paul Charlton by J.D. Kirk


Anonymous said...

That's great good idea too bad that we can't do that with the managment and even the carrier and clerk side of the Postal Service. We HAVE to do something and quickly but is seems that we are just going deeper and deeper into debt. Too bad this is a great place to work but it is just going in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

This stands to reason just how many other services the USPS is paying too much for. A review of eBuy would be a good place to start. You can get many items cheaper than eBuy sells them to the USPS. Stop the waste, and save money.