Thursday, August 20, 2009

PMG says to stand tall

Yesterday, the PMG made some comments of support in a letter to employees. Portions of the letter were reprinted in the Washington Post.

He said this, "We should all be very proud of the Postal Service and of the work we do every day. While we may have to endure the occasional bad analogy or detractor in the news, they are far outweighed by our supporters among the American people."

What do you think? Time to stand tall? Tell me your thoughts here.


Anonymous said...

I would stand taller if there was an incentive to retire early.

Ann said...

I thought the letter was very well written and explained things in a susinct way that made it very clear what the current situation is. I thought it was so good that I sent it to all of my friends and family so that they could understand things from our perspective. I did that yesterday morning. I have since been contacted by many of them remarking on how thankful they were to know these things. I especially liked the statement that Potter made that said. "If we did not have to make these advance contributions .... the Postal Service would have had a net profit throughout the recession." This has been the whole issue as far as I am concerned. The American public doesn't know this. What the USPS has done to drop costs is all above and beyond this. What a great company to work for. So many say it is a dinosaur, not keeping up with the times. I disagree whole heartedly. We have done an amazing job in so many different areas. Way to go USPS!!!

Anonymous said...

Did President Obama get a copy of this letter??

Anonymous said...

That "bad analogy" didn't even prove the president's point...he was trying to convince the skeptics that a government-run healthcare program would work better than the private-sector companies. Yet, his analogy stated that the USPS, the government agency, was the one always having trouble! Quite the opposite of the point he was trying to make.

When I heard his statements, my reaction was that UPS and FedEX are "fine" because they don't have Congress's fingers in their business!!