Monday, August 31, 2009

Your Postal Podcast #15, now posted

You might want to swing over to Your Postal Podcast, my audio sister, and take a listen to the latest edition.

It's just nine minutes and I guarantee you'll learn something. The first story is about the Spiritual Harmonizers, a group of Virginia employees who sang on the national television show, America's Got Talent. You'll also hear an interview with to see if it’s possible to print a personalized postage stamp of Michael Jackson — or any other celebrity. And if not Jackson, what kinds of subjects are permitted?

And you’ll hear the story about an Iowa Postmaster who defused a potentially dangerous situation by following the proper procedures on suspicious parcels.

To listen from any computer, click here. If you have an MP3 player, you can subscribe to the Podcast through an RSS feeder or iTunes.
You may also read a transcript of this edition by clicking here.

And the creators of the podcast would love to hear your feedback on this podcast or any other story ideas you have. Click here to send them an email.

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