Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toll road dumps the booth, turns to Postal Service to collect fees

The E-470 toll road in Denver has relied on unmanned toll booths to collected dollar bills and quarters from drivers for several years. But the maintenance and reliability of the machines wasn’t the most economical solution in an era of declining budgets.

Earlier this summer, the booths were decommissioned and a new automated system was installed. Now, driver’s just motor past the hi-speed video camera that captures their license plate numbers. The number of trips is calculated on a monthly basis and the bill is automatically sent to the home of record.

Jo Snell from the Colorado Department of Transportation said that collection by mail is the perfect solution.

“Mailing out the bills is more effective than maintaining five toll booths, the employees and all the equipment,” she said.


Anonymous said...

This is a clever idea for small towns. It needs to be publized so that like municipalities can take advantage of it. There are a number of small towns in New Jersey which I have dubbed Toll Jersey. I think they could benefit from a system like this.

D Penner said...

This unmanned tols is just highway robbery its like saying we just want you to pay us because we see you.
I live in california if you want to charge a toll put the booths out dont send me a letter 2 months later saying I should pay you !