Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today in the Postal Service


  • We will drive 4.1 million miles.
  • We will deliver 584 million pieces of mail to 150 million addesses.
  • 7 million people will visit a postal lobby.
  • 1 million people will go to

 Do you think the public understands these numbers? What can we do to tell them? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

The message has to be targeted to why do we want the public to know these stats. Yes, we are busy. Yes, we do a great job for being so busy. But what's the point for the public?
The current ad campaign has a point: use Flat Rate boxes to save money and make shipping easier. Al, tells the customer what's in it for them.
Got to tell the public what's in it for them. Maybe, the Postal Service (in spite of being so busy) provides more security for less cost.

Anonymous said...

Some people, myself included, have a hard time interpreting statistics and retaining numerical information like this, so they don't pay it much attention. I agree that we have to emphasize our importance to each person individually in order for it to be meaningful and get our message across. Why do we matter to them?

Anonymous said...

They really don't care They just want their mail delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. If losing saturday delivery means keeping the cost down then so be it. People don't want to hear about the millions/billions of what ever you figure they need to know. They just want efficient/afforable mail service. Plain and simple. a