Thursday, May 20, 2010

"God Bless America." Kate Smith gets a stamp

Kate Smith, best known for her rendition of a little Irving Berlin tune, "God Bless America," now has her own stamp.

Smith first sang the song in 1938 and since has been adopted as America's national song, especially during times of crisis.

The stamp was unveiled with the help of former members of the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers, for whom Smith's signature song has been used as good luck charm since 1969.

Do you like the song? Who has given the best rendition of the song? Comment here.


Mpls. StampGuy said...

Great song and nobody sang it better than Kate. It's also mentioned that it has been adopted as our national song, especially in times of crisis. The way we are going I think we need to start singing.

Anonymous said...

Great song and a wonderful performer....but I would rather see a gradutation stamp...they are more in demand! :)

Anonymous said...

What a voice!!!!! I grew up listening to her. Of course 'God Bless America' was her most famous. Thank you for the stamp.

Anonymous said...

Great song and singer. Captures the essence of American spirit and certainly Kate Smith is forever thought of when it is mentioned or played. In my opinion nobody has erver done it better. God Bless America!