Thursday, July 8, 2010

Children and postal vehicles

Photo by Tom Caulkins
School is out, and here's some good driving tips and an idea sent in by a reader:

  • Whenever there’s a ball rolling in the street, there’s likely to be a child following it. Slow down and prepare to stop quickly.
  • Pay attention to the lone child walking along the street. Drivers are more likely to overlook a single youngster than several together.
  • Be aware of children on roller skates, skateboards or roller blades who often roll onto streets from alleys or driveways.
  • Look out for bicyclists — especially young or new riders. Give them plenty of room.
  • When mail is out of sequence, never back up to re-deliver a missed box. Get out of the vehicle, secure it properly and walk to the missed box if you can do so safely.
  • Never give mail to children while inside a vehicle. If children approach the vehicle, get out and ask them to move away. Double-check the area surrounding the entire vehicle before resuming delivery.

One reader wrote in and comment on the the limited visiblity on our postal vehicles and suggested that we install back-up cameras in all our postal vehicles? Worth it? Comment here.





Merk said...

Is there any price to high to save the life of a child?

Joan said...

Worth it, Children damage easily. Other things too!

Anonymous said...

If the driver adjusts mirros correctly AND USES THEM, the dismount/walk-around check does the rest. Our problems are more likely to be not taking the the time to 'look before you leap'.

grannybunny said...

Back-up cameras would be a huge waste of money, since LLVs have 9 mirrors, and Postal employees are not supposed to back up anyway, unless there is no alternative. How many children -- if any -- have been struck by a Postal vehicle backing up? More importantly, how many have been struck by a Postal vehicle backing up, after the driver had properly adjusted and used the mirrors and walked around the vehicle? None, I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

Do the right thing and you don't need the back up mirrors. You can't compare the cost of the mirrors and a child's life. People need to be educated including the parents that allow their children to play around vehicles.

Anonymous said...

As a storkeeper (parts guy),we here at the VMF (vehicle maintenace facility) have already been notified not to replace camera's for Caravan's when they break. The PO isn't going purchase them for LLV's & FFV's, too costly.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes even back up cameras don't work because of angles GLARE if position is not right - sun shining on screen - like our scanners - working best in SHADED position.
PARENTS teach kids to pay attention - watch for moving vehicles - stay out of the street - how's about THEIR responsibility ? Easier for them to see us then us to see them. So many laws that protect the pedestrian & devistate an innocent driver. Probly sue happy people can make a buck sending their kids out in front of or back of vehicles. Protection for drivers - warning signs on vehicles - to stay clear of moving vehicle !

Anonymous said...

I will probably get slammed here...but where are the parents/sitters for these children? Each year we are told to be watching for children...why aren't we teaching our children to get out of the way? Far too often you drive through a community and see 5-8 year olds playing in the front yard with no parent around...watching them. They tell stories of children who run after a ball that has gone into the street...why are they playing in the front yard where the ball can go into the street?? They should be told to play in the back yard, where the fence will prevent this from happening. We always want to blame the motorist for accidents caused by children....when we should be blaming the parents for not watching them!