Monday, March 7, 2011

Sizing it Up

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Bar Mills, ME, Post Office Postmaster Peggy Bisco needed a way to display the different sizes of Priority Mail boxes AND get attention.

She did it with this Priority Snowman, built out of a variety of boxes.

She even had customers coming into the window asking for the "tummy-size" boxes or the "head" flat-rate boxes.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. Good imagination, quick, and easy!

The old adage, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words is still true. Most people relate better to actually seeing something.

Not positive on the stat but... I understand the average website has 3 seconds to capture your attention. Again, the importance of visuals can't be underestimated.

Anonymous said...

Visuals absolutely sell! Before I had Priority boxes put together (just stacked flat) I couldn't get customers interested. Now, with sample boxes put together on display, they're flying out the door. People can actually visualize their items in the box. Love the snowman display.