Monday, March 14, 2011

More with less

The Postal Service saw its highest career employee complement — 797,795 employees — in 1999. Since that time, through attrition, the complement level has decreased to 583,000 employees (as of Dec. 31, 2010) and delivery points have increased by 17 million nationwide, from 134 million to 151 million in the same timeframe.

What do you think about this? Is this story told enough?
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Anonymous said...

Who should know and why?
Customers will just say "What's in it for me?" How are they impacted or even, are they impacted?
If you want to advertise this, then maybe compare the price of a stamp and percentage of efficiency per employee for 1999 and 2011.
I still don't think the public is going to care about this. I think it's more of a political concern.

Anonymous said...

They say we are doing more with less....but count in the temp employees and I think the numbers would change. Five years ago we had the staff to manage the workload, now we are constanting calling around to borrow employees...and we are still expected to deliver all the mail while keeping the costs down.

Anonymous said...

Someone may want to do a cost of living adjustment and show what postage could be if it rose with the cost of living/inflation of everything else that we purchase every day. 44c would look VERY affordable in comparison! I still believe that the workings of the postal service is very much a mystery to the majority of the public. They don't realize how much territory we cover, how many miles we walk daily and that we deliver to every house, every day--and that our performance remains high. Our spokesperson "AL" from the FRB commercials could start to slip in those little known facts into his commercial format. With all of the negative information about USPS in the news, any positive PR would be appreciated.

grannybunny said...

I think our employee complement is more and more in the news, due to the Congressional hearings around the various bills affecting USPS and the current controversy regarding government pay and benefits. Postal rates -- historically -- have trailed slightly behind the rise in the cost of living. I do believe that the more people learn about the Postal Service, the more respect they gain for it. That was certainly the case with me when I first started working for USPS, and it continues to this day.

Debby Carlson, Phoenix AZ said...

This appeared in the Link a couple of years ago - how about updating the comparisons?
POSTAGE COSTS ARE A BARGAIN. When the price of a First-Class Mail stamp rose just 1 cent — a 2.4 percent increase — last May 12, it’s remained a bargain compared to most products. From May 2007 to 2008, white bread increased by 14.9 percent, milk climbed by 15.4 percent and gas rose by a whopping 20.3 percent. In addition, USPS offers a product, the Forever stamp, which allows customers to lock in today’s prices. The Postal Service also offers online discounts. Try finding those benefits at your local grocery store or gas station!

Anonymous said...

still bloated with management then and now.

grannybunny said...

There is a 15% reduction in management scheduled to be announced March 25th.

jasmine krotkov said...

The Postal Service never seems to share the good news with the public. What the public hears is that Postmasters are like the Maytag repair man. Why not use to share quick facts like the one mentioned here, and that we use no taxpayer money, how many parcels we deliver a day and etc.?