Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Save the species

Animal species are disappearing across the world and postal customers can do something to help save them.

Net proceeds from the sales of the Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp will go to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to support its Multinational Species Conservation Funds.

The Multinational Species Coalition — an alliance of 16 animal conservation groups with 15 million members representing conservationists, zoos, veterinarians, humane interests, circuses and sportsmen — has been created to support the funds designated by Congress. The Coalition also is committed to bringing greater attention to the semipostal stamp to help raise money for its cause.

Revenue from sales of the semipostal will be divided among the African Elephant Conservation Fund, the Asian Elephant Conservation Fund, the Great Ape Conservation Fund, the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund, and the Marine Turtle Conservation Fund.

The stamp is selling for 55 cents each — 11 cents more than a First-Class Mail stamp — and $11 for a sheet of 20. A Save Vanishing Species note card set of 10 blank note cards is also available and sells for $15.95.


Grannybunny said...

I think this is a great idea and will raise revenue.

Anonymous said...

I average over $500 in stamps sales in my level 16 office daily. I have sold just 2 sheets of these; both to stamp collectors. This is just not resonating with the customers like the Breast Cancer stamp does.

Anonymous said...

The stamp did not catch on in my area either. I have sold 2 also. I am going to have to use these up in another way. They are taking up stamp stock, i could be using for stamps i can sell. I have had several stamps that we have put out this year i was unable to sell. They just have not been catchy enough for the customers. I hear alot of customers telling me that the stamps aren't all that great this year. I don't know who dose the final decision on these stamps but they need to find some other designs that are going to catch the customers attention. And stop taking the stamps away that we are selling!!! It seems like there is a stamp that comes out and it dose great and they get rid of it and give us these new ones we can't sell!!!