Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smashing Pumpkins

It sounds like a good opportunity for the Postal Service to help with a key ingredient for pumpkin pie.

Mary Busey, an 80-year old woman form Anderson, GA, has been sending pumpkins through the mail to members of her family for 40 years. She doesn't package them. She just writes an address on the skin, affixs the postage and hands them to the window clerk.

Most of the orange beauty's are small -- one pound or so. But no doubt, they are met with incredulity as they pass through the system.

In those 40 years, just four of them have been damaged. That's a great track record.

Her tradition started in 1972, when her eldest daughter left for college. It continued when the other three left and has never stopped.


Anonymous said...

Definetely fragile, liquid and perishable!

Anonymous said...

I had a coconut come thru from Florida for a resident here last year! It took me by surprise! What a great idea for Mrs. Busey to do!

Anonymous said...

Just today, we had a shoe show up in our office with postage attached! It had promotional information tucked inside, but the shoe itself was the packaging!! Very clever, I thought! :)

Grannybunny said...

I think it's awesome. I, too, have seen coconuts, but not pumpkins. Now, I'm thinking some of these unusual gourds would be cool to mail; alot of them are very hard, too. Watch out Mail Processing: some more non-machineable items coming your way!

Anonymous said...

sending a pumpkin today. maybe a coconut next month.