Friday, March 5, 2010

What's the buzz?

So, by now you’ve heard or read about the big news conference on Tuesday with Postmaster General Potter and other senior postal management.

Down at the Boston tavern, there’s plenty of talk of change and I’m trying to answer all the questions, and I know you are, too.
I’m wondering, what’s the buzz? What are other employees saying? What are your customers saying? Comment here and share your thoughts.

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I am interested in how your customers are reacting to the news:

Are they:

•Concerned about losing services

•Worried about postal employee's futures

•Confident things will work out

•Don't know how bad it really is

•Don't really care


Anonymous said...

I'm in a small, rural office and customers have asked if it's going to close or if it will be closed on Saturday's. I tell them the current proposal says it will retail services will remain the same and since we only have PO Boxes, they will still get delivery to their boxes. I wonder how long that will be the case, though - I expect eventually they will cancel all Saturday services. I also tell them there are no plans to close the office at this time, but, quite honestly, I think when I leave the process will begin to close it. I hate to say it, but I can understand why since there are a couple offices within 5 - 10 miles and 2 different rural routes skirt the town and could easily deliver to residents. Some residents would like having delivery to their homes instead of coming to the post office and once they learn rural carriers can provide them with almost all the services I don't think there would be a big objection. They'd have to get used to buying their stamps by the book, though, instead of one at a time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing the people who will take the time for Benny's voting to vote "I don't really care" about the postal service?

Anonymous said...

I think the question was "What do your customers think?" not what do you think. Most of my customers don't really know how bad our financial situation is and seem most worried about price increases.
I am a small, very rural Post Office and I hope they won't close us. It's 60 mi. to the nearest town and 35 miles to another tiny PO. This PO may not pay its' own expenses, but to the customers it's priceless.

Randy said...

All of my friends have only talked about one thing - 5 day delivery. That's the only thing that they seemed to have learned from the news. They don't know how much money we have lost.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,you are right,it is about the customers.Although if you ask some of our workers who are near retirement,they will say they don't care anymore as long as they get their pension.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that customers don't care but in today's economy it isn't a direct impact on them. 5 day service seems to be the way to go when I talk with my customers, especially if it will help with not raising stamp prices. Personally, I don't think the "powers that be" have any idea what is really going on. we talk but they don't seem to listen and until they have to shell money out of their own pocket they probably won't listen.

Anonymous said...

So many of my family, friends and customers are worried about losing the Postal Service. They are not only concerned with losing the service but also concerned with what will happen to all the employees of the Postal Service!

Anonymous said...

Like the comments above, my customers understand the need to go 5 day delivery. Our local bank has reduced Saturday hours from 4 to 2. Our small grocery store totally eliminated Sunday operations and is considering reducing it's Saturday operations too. With the exception of the cafe, gas station, and hardware store...all the other business stopped working on Saturdays. It's just not profitable to stay open all day for 3 customers. The biggest problem I see here is that I don't see HQ asking us for our input or do I see them asking us to receive feed back from our customers. :(