Monday, October 18, 2010

It's not "junk"

Benny here. Does it bother you when people refer to "junk mail?" I know it bugs me.

We call it Direct Mail, and here are a few facts:

The U.S. Mail System – the largest in the world – is a major contributor to the business, commerce and communications of the United States and the world.

The U.S. mailing industry is a $900 billion a year industry that employs 8.5 million Americans. They include printers, paper and stationery product manufacturers, catalog and publication producers, marketing and direct sales firms, card and envelope businesses; advertising, consulting, information and research firms and many others.

Millions of organizations throughout the U.S. depend on Direct Mail to inform the public and to promote their products and services. These include large and small retailers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, churches and educational institutions, advocacy groups, politicians and small businesses.

Direct mailers include your local neighborhood businesses like restaurants, dry cleaners, realtors, vehicle repair shops, banks, home-based enterprises, and plenty of other businesses that help drive the local, state and national economy.

Direct Mail provides Americans with valuable information about products and services, businesses, programs and activities, and how to get the best value and satisfaction.

Direct Mail provides information on shopping sales, discounted prices and services, coupons, bargains, special promotional offerings and holiday hours, community activities and programs.

Direct Mail also reaches many Americans who live in rural and remote areas where there is less access and availability to shopping, retail and consumer needs.

Direct Mail saves them time, money and convenience by providing them information on products and services available through catalogs and mail order.  Shopping by mail also contributes to the savings on fuel and helping to protect the environment by reducing vehicle use and pollution.

Does this information change your mind on Direct Mail? What about your customers? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

I think just about everybody can name at least one coupon they look forward to, that comes in the mail. Myself, one from a Dry Cleaner that I frequent is responsible for me even finding the place-much less going there regularly. I also recall a couple local pizza places that I decided to try because of a coupon they sent me. It works!

Anonymous said...

I tell everyone that uses the word "junk" mail that that is a ugly four letter word in my post office.

Anonymous said...

When I started with USPS, my first boss told us not to call it "junk mail, unless you consider 60% of your paycheck junk."

Anonymous said...

I tell people that it can not be junk mail if it helps pay my wages. They stop and go ohh I see what you mean.

grannybunny said...

We refer to the term as "the J Word," and ask people to refer to it as bulk or standard mail instead. The "J Word" reference usually brings a smile.

Anonymous said...

When my customers say that they don't like junk mail, i say that if it wasn't for junk mail then i probably be out of a job and they wouldn't have me as a carrier.
Ohhh... they say... we can't have that happen!!

Anonymous said...

My postmaster calls it her bread and butter mail. It always brings a smile to the customer's face.