Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Employee send-off is a salute to all who serve

Topeka Kansas Data Collection Technician, Lee Smith got a little extra when he was at the Wichita P&DC for training.

Smith who is also a Staff Sergeant in the Kansas Army National Guard 778th Transportation Squadron, will soon be departing for his second tour in Iraq in September. He was given a surprise sendoff at the plant by the American Legion Riders who arrived on their motorcycles bearing US Flags.

The riders presented Smith with a "We Support Our Troops" banner signed by Legion Riders and Postal Employees to take with him to Iraq. Smith was also given a Rider challenge coin for appreciation for his service. "It was very nice" said Smith, "I plan to send photos back of the banner hanging in Iraq."


Anonymous said...

Thank You Lee Smith and all of the soliders that serve and protect us! We are proud of you!!

Mpls. StampGuy said...

It is great to see people go out of their way to show their patriotism and support of those who serve. Freedom isn't free. God bless this country and all of our troops.

Anonymous said...

As a vetran.....all I can say is awesome! It feels so good to have people care enough about you to pay tribute. Great job!