Thursday, November 18, 2010

The most expensive ZIP Codes

Location, location, location. For the well-to-do, it's all about having the right ZIP Code.

Although the Postal Service uses ZIP Codes for mail transportation, sortation and delivery, their are plenty of other uses.

Forbes magazine recently sorted the nation's wealthy by ZIP Codes, using median home price as a gauge on wealth. California, despite the recent real estate plunge, is still a wealth leader.

The most expensive? Duarte, California, ZIP 91008. The median cost of a home there is $4.7 million.

Here's the rest of the list:
2. 94027, Atherton, CA, $4 million
3. 90274, Rolling Hills, CA, $3.8 million
4. 07620, Alpine, NJ, $3.8 million
5. 10014, New York, NY,  $3.7 million
6. 90210, Beverly Hills, CA, $3.6 million
7. 10065, New York, NY, $3.6 million
8. 94920, Belvedere/Tiburon, CA, $3.2 million
9. 10012, New York, NY, $3.2 million.
10. 93108, Santa Barbara/Montecito, CA, $3.1 million

Check out the data in your ZIP here.

Have you ever lived near one of these ZIP Codes? Know anyone who does? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

I lived on a ranch north of Santa Barbara and my kids went to school across the road from Michael Jacksons' Neverland Ranch. We met Paul and Linda McCartney at the local western store one time and rubbed elbows with famous people on a daily basis. It was quite an experience, but the cost of living was very high.

Anonymous said...

Love rural Nebraska!! Could not see paying 4.7 million for a house!! I love watching the shows where people are looking for houses to buy.....1000 sq feet priced at 1/4 or 1/2 million!! :(