Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Postal Podcast: A beautiful mind for ZIP Codes

Mr Zip Code Man, David Rossteider

The latest edition of Your Postal Podcast, available online now at www.YourPostalPodcast.com, gets inside the head of a Colorado man who has memorized every ZIP Code location in the country and found a way to make a living showing off this unusual talent.

The new podcast also tells the story of how you can mail handwritten "Thank You" notes with a keyboard and mouse, thanks to a new service created by two Texas entrepreneurs.
To read a transcript of this, the 30th edition of our audio magazine, please click here.
While at the website, you can also catch up on any of the 29 previous editions of the audio show.  All of the podcasts may also be downloaded free at the iTunes store or via any RSS feeder. Please provide feedback, ideas or comments for Your Postal Podcast by clicking here.

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