Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everyone loves Smokey the Bear!

Aumsville Oregon Postmaster Ray Berg with Smokey the Bear at the State of Oregon Capitol Building to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

A special Pictorial Postmark will be available until April 23. To request a postmark, send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to Centennial Station, Postmaster, P.O. Box 9998, Aumsville Oregon 97325-9998.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know. Smokey does not have "the" in his name. He gets a little peavish when you use it.

grannybunny said...

He used to have "the" in his name; it has been deleted only relatively recently. But, us old-timers still use "the." Also, the email left the "e" out of Smokey, but I see it's been corrected on the website.