Saturday, May 7, 2011

Letter Carrier has been on the route for 65 years

Sunday's Parade Magazine will feature Chapel Hill, SC,  City Carrier Rudy Tempesta, who has been delivering mail for 65 years.

The 86-year old is longest serving letter carrier in the nation.

A Brooklyn native, former local union president, and father of five children ranging in ages 20 to 61, Tempesta had a decorated military career, flying 21 missions as a turret gunner in a B-24, often flying alongside the famed Tuskegee Airmen. He started his postal career in New York City and often delivered mail to the Empire State Building before moving south in 1958. He says he has delivered to most of Chapel Hill in his career and credits a simple technique for staying safe.

“Drive slowly and be careful and anticipate what you’re going to do,” he said upon receiving his Million Mile award two years ago. “And this is a college town, so don’t let the girls distract you. That’s how I do it.”

Check newsstands Sunday for your local paper and the Parade Magazine!


grannybunny said...

Awesome; he has been delivering mail as long as I have been alive. He looks good, too. More power to him!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad saying this, but all I can think is..."his poor subs!"
They wait and wait to get a full time position and he is still going strong! More power to him, though! Whatever keeps you young!