Friday, September 2, 2011

The Ted Williams Stamp

Today’s featured “Stamp of the day” honors baseball legend and Hall-of-Famer Ted Williams.

Regarded as the purest hitter in baseball, he's the last to carry a batting average over .400.
He hit .344 over his 19-year career.

The Williams stamp is the last of the 2012 stamp program featured on social media websites. Check out Facebook, Beyond the Perf and Twitter for more information.


Anonymous said...

The Man !

Anonymous said...

We are making way too many stamps. I try to vary my inventory but 9 out of 10 customers say "I want the forevers" and even when you explain that all the stamps are forever stamps they say "too many to choose from, just give me the bells". Would it save us some money if we only came out with 1 or 2 new stamps a quarter instead of the 10 or more we seem to have added lately?