Friday, September 23, 2011

Your Postal Podcast: Postmaster makes his pitch to the Big Leagues

He pitches mail into boxes by day, and pitches warm up to Phillies sluggers by night. He's Rob Potts and he leads off this month’s edition of Your Postal Podcast.

Rob Potts delivers a pitch before
 a recent Philadelphia Phillies home game.
You’ll also hear some facts and myths about the history of the legendary Pony Express, and a roundup of the latest postal headlines.

The show, available at, also features a roundup of the latest Postal Service news.

For a transcript of the latest program, please click here. If you’ve missed previous editions, you’ll find a two-year archive at the Your Postal Podcast website. Shows can also be downloaded free at the iTunes Store.

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Anonymous said...

I have been a postal employee for 25 years and I am trying to make it my last 6 years. I do feel that the senior employees with 40 and 50 years should be first to go. Some of them should have retired a long time ago. The younger generation cannot get a job because of this. Please leave when it is your time to go. I will be leaving as soon as my 31 years is in.