Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Wraps

Happy Halloween!

Mail box wraps are a popular way to decorate.

What does it mean when a customer cares enough to decorate their box?


Grannybunny said...

I'm not sure of the ultimate, philosophical, meaning -- if any -- of a customer decorating their mailbox, but, as a carrier, I always enjoyed it, especially when the decoration included a thoughtful treat intended for their carrier (providing the decoration did not impede access to the box).

PostMuse said...

I like to decorate my mailbox for Halloween. This year I went a bit spooky ... I had a fake gravestone at the base of the mailbox and it was only after I set it all up that I realized the gravestone's "RIP" might get taken the wrong way, so I made a point of telling my mail carrier that it wasn't a comment on the USPS! He laughed ... he takes dozens of pieces of mail from my box every day so he knows I love the USPS.

I also have a big black spider that lights up purple on top of the box (it does not impede access at all). There will be a picture of the spider-topped box on my blog on Monday night :-)

I haven't left a treat for the mail carrier in the past, but I think I will this year. Although, he looks like the type who never touches sugar. Very fit.

Anonymous said...

It means they can't replace their rusted mailbox in these tough economic times!!!