Thursday, September 6, 2012

Neighborhood Mail

When a neighbor receives an item addressed to you, that usually means it didn’t end up where it was supposed to. A new plan, if implemented by Royal Mail, will make such deliveries a common practice.

A new strategy, tested successfully by Royal Mail, hopes to permit its carriers to leave items with a neighbor if the actual recipient isn’t at home. If implemented, the process should enable the recipient to take delivery of their items on the day of the attempted delivery. The new policy also has the potential to reduce re-handling and delivery costs for the mail service.

Royal Mail hopes to begin full-scale implementation of the new process later on this fall, just in time for the Christmas season.

Do you think this process is something the USPS should consider?

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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the headaches for the carriers trying to remember if it is OK to leave a parcel with a neighbor or which neighbor to leave it with. No - this is not a good idea.