Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Speak out!" -- Five-day delivery and the PMG testimony

Have you weighed in yet?

Take the poll in the upper right corner of the blog. There you can tell the world how you feel about eliminating a day of delivery. Do you prefer no change? Don't deliver Saturdays? Don't deliver Tuesdays? Something else?

Take the poll and then give your opinion here.

And while you're at it, give us your opinion on the PMG testimony? Read the article and then click here to comment. If you haven't seen it or heard it, the links are on the right side of the blog.
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Anonymous said...

If we could abolish Sat. delivery it would be a big plus for all, first of all our company! We need to think what's ahead of us, and how we will retire. People, think a little if you want to loose your job or not. Let's help ourselves to save more money by helping pivoting on other routes.

Anonymous said...

Doing away with Saturday delivery is a bad idea. It is definitely a service area our competitors can’t compete with. I would suggest doing away with Wednesday delivery. If businesses HAVE to have their mail they can always rent a PO box or pay for caller service. (Generate revenue!) Definitely DO NOT close window services!!!

Anonymous said...

***SAIL ON!*** 500,000 + jobs are being lost every month. This is a time for all of us with postal jobs to help insure the future of the Postal Service by whatever means we have available to us. First and foremost, we are still public servants. The economy and the American public will rely on the existence of the USPS to help facilitate our economic recovery. Delaying a remedy or treatment always lengthens the recovery time, and often threatens our own survival. If cutting back on our number of delivery days is the medicine, then lets take it today. Most companies have the ability to right size their organization by simply locking the front gate and handing out pink slips. Not public service agencies. Appreciate what we have and who is working on our behalf. We are in some tough seas, and there can be no mutiny. We will rely on each and everyone member of our workforce to do their part in getting through this storm. "A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor."