Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reunion saved by employee

Michael Lethert was helping to organize a 30-year reunion for the 1979 Winter Carnival Royal Family. A big part of the Jan. 16 program was the screening of a DVD containing more than 400 photos taken during the 1979 celebration. Lethert scanned the photos and his daughter worked to have the DVD prepared and shipped.

By the morning of the event, the DVD had yet to arrive and Lethert was feeling understandably nervous. He checked with his local Post Office to no avail. They gave him a number for the St. Paul Main Office where supervisor Tom Molloy answered. He told Lethert that the odds of finding his envelope were slim but that he would give it a shot.

“By 4 p.m. I assumed that we would not have the DVD,” Lethert said. “At 4:15 Tom called, said that he had found it and that he would drop it off at our house. Thank you for exceptional service above and beyond the call, and especially Tom for saving our program that evening. It’s nice to know that the Postal Service is in such good hands.”

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