Friday, October 9, 2009

"A 50,000 foot view" -- The Post Office of the future

Yesterday, Postmaster General Jack Potter spoke to the National Press Club.

His comments (Click here to read and click here to see a video) were pretty pointed as to the state of the Postal Service. During the question-and-answer portion, he addressed the big picture of the Postal Service.

"We need a 50,000 foot view of the Postal Service," he said, challenging national thinking on the direction on our future.

“I want to establish a public dialogue about the future of the Postal Service, not as it existed yesterday, nor as it exists today, but as it evolves and changes for tomorrow,” said Potter. “This is about determining the role for the Postal Service so that it has a relevant and viable place in the fabric of our nation decades into the future.”
He is hoping to spur a national dialogue on our mission -- perhaps to something much bigger than the mail.

So, let's start the talk right here in Ole Ben's Pub. What you would like to see us do? Banking? Groceries? Broadband? Government Services? Lottery?

My vote would be for blacksmithing, dart playing and brewing, but I'm afraid in today's culture these won't fly.

Click here and share your ideas.

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Anonymous said...

While I was in the Air Force stationed in Europe, I noticed every country had a national lottery, and it was administered by the Post Office. They also accepted bill payments for a small fee.

Anonymous said...

Beings long lines are such a complaint we here often on the streets etc. How'bout more of
a store in the lobby ?
Sale items like a quik stop, available while waiting in line, reachable isles, don't have to
leave the line to shop.
Hudson Station
Modesto, Ca.
RR 17

Anonymous said...

Drive-thru post offices. So many times I need to mail a package or buy some stamps and when I get to the post office it's raining and I have NO umbrella. I can go through the drive-thrus at the bank, dry cleaners, pharmacy, and to get my breakfast, why not the post office?

Anonymous said...

I like your ideas about darts and brewing :) Since the post office is the only government office in many small towns we should be a place where people can complete transactions for all or most of their government business. I also like the ideas of selling lottery tickets and accepting bill payments. Banking may be another area that we could look into for the convenience of small town customers.

Anonymous said...

With our carriers reaching every delivery point in the country, how about USPS being in charge of the census. We are the most trusted government entity, and with our rules, there would be no chance of the final tabulation being based on politics.

Anonymous said...

Cell phone sales and accessories. That would bring in the younger generation so we could dialogue with them.

Anonymous said...

OOh, lottery tickets would be a big seller out here. So would water bottles.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of possibly buying bonds at the post office. I don't think we need banking, because they are saturated in the supermarkets. I also like the idea of selling your gold and other precious metals to the government through the post offices. The price of these items have skyrocketed, and other entities are paying pennies on the dollar for its value. The government could offer slightly more and capitalize on this business.

loosein themail said...


Anonymous said...

As loosein themail said there are plenty of companies that will not ship USPS. Compile a list on the blue page of companies that utilize our services, with a link to their websites. If you are buying online, you might as well support our own cause.This was turned in as an e-idea and shot down, what do you think?