Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Think pink

When you walk into the Milligan, NE, Post Office, you know you're going to get asked about buying Breast Cancer Awareness stamps.

Postmaster Kim Steider has an all out awareness campaign on the stamp, including pink balloons, mints, pins, and handouts.

So far this month, she's sold $715 of the stamps at her level-13 office.


The Lexington, NE, Post Office is also getting into the act. The staff made pink frosted cupcakes to give out to customers with lots of great responses and purchases.

Knowledge is everything!

Lexington, NE, employees are Costodian Darla Hubbard, Postmaster Leta Zimbelman Postmaster, and Retail Associates Kim Peden, Maryann Hickey and Keith Wentz.

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Anonymous said...

As always, it is great to hear about people taking the extra time to make a difference. Way to go!